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Managing Your WildBlue Account

Get Started with WildBlue

View your customer agreement
View or print a copy of your WildBlue customer agreement.

Update your payment method

Update your credit card
Click this link to update or change the credit card you use to pay for your WildBlue service every month.

Update your bank account payment info
If you pay for WildBlue directly from your bank account, click here to update or change this information.

Make a One Time Payment

Make a One Time Payment
Make a One Time Payment.

Please note: If you make a payment over the phone with an agent, an assistance fee of $5.00 will be added to your next statement.

Update your contact information

Update your contact information
Your contact information is what we use when we send you an email or mail you a letter (this occurs infrequently). It's important to keep this updated. We usually only contact you if there is an issue with your service, if you need to update your payment information, or we're announcing a new feature for customers.

Manage your email account(s)

Manage Your WildBlue Email Account
Go here to create additional email addresses, change an email password, and view your satellite bandwidth usage.

Monitor your bandwidth usage

We encourage you to monitor your usage. You may review your current bandwidth usage online by doing the following:

  1. Go to:WildBlue Bandwidth Usage
  2. Login with your primary email address and password. Enter your whole email address, including the "" part.
    Please note: If you do not have a email address, you will need to set up an email address here .
  3. For additional information on monitoring your usage, please read WildBlue's knowledge base article on this subject.

View your Bill

View your Bill
WildBlue doesn't send monthly paper bills. To view your bill online, click the link above.